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We would love to welcome you to the Lucia N°03 light community, to share your insights and wisdom and hear from others. 

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1:1 Intuitive Sessions

Would you like to design a personalized plan for working with a Lucia N°03 light? 

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Courses & Certifications

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Lucia N°03 Light Guide?

Or learning about the History of Flickering Light? Or joining our upcoming program  to learn to program live sessions from your Practitioner System?

Courses offered by members of our community are designed to educate, empower and inspire. 


Clarity Course & Session Series

Designed with 40hz (the frequency studied for its' interaction with keeping the brain young and reslient from debilitating disease such as Alzheimers), this course shares includes a package of sessions you can download and experience on your Lucia N°03 Light.


I'm Allison Pelissier

Over a decade ago, I discovered the Lucia N°03 in a small art gallery in London.

My first session changed my life and I felt compelled to work with this incredible tool.

For the past 11 years and counting, I have used my background in psychology and education, plus my intuitive insights and experience from holding space for thousands of light sessions, to create courses and offer workshops for Lucia N°03 owners and Practitioners.

This community platform is a designed to be a place where we can come together and share ideas and practices...everyone is invited to participate or even create your own courses if you desire to share your magic with the Lucia N°03 Community.


"Working with Allison is always a rewarding experience. Her intuitive insight, compassion, and desire to help others creates a space for personal and professional expansion and development.

She is an excellent guide and teacher, who uses her wisdom and experience to encourage you to explore your growth edges with curiosity and a sense of play, giving you the confidence to start showing up at your highest potential while creating a community to support one another on our journeys to share the light." 

- Michael Sauter, Certified Lucia N°03 Light Guide

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."... and Allison did just that for me, back in early 2020. She has been one of the most incredible teachers on my path so far, and is such a beacon of light for me (no pun intended... okay, maybe just a little). 

I feel incredibly seen, held, and honored by Allison. She is not just a teacher and mentor, but a friend, confidant, and cheerleader. Somehow this beautiful being is not just able to weave a magical web of Light Guides from all over, not only teaching them and connecting them with one another and creating a bonded community, but by also deeply inspiring them by her authenticity and vulnerability as we all navigate our own healing journeys together. There is no hierarchy, just this depth of sharing and true community. I am forever grateful for my path leading me to the Lucia Light, and to Allison. May we all have a teacher and friend like her in this lifetime!

- Annie Kelly, Certified Lucia N°03 Light Guide

Lucia N°03 Light Portal

Take control of your financial future with these comprehensive courses.

History of Flickering Light

Are you curious about the history of flickering light, from campfires to AVE to the Lucia N°03? This course takes you on a brief background, including scientific studies, further reading, and a few recommended videos/documentaries.


Access the Lucia N°03 Clarity sessions through this course, specifically created with 40hz, to support your brain in staying clear, fit and vibrant.

Lucia N°03 Explorer Course

This course covers the background behind the Explorer, how to use it for your self, and some ideas for Light Guides to use with their clients. 

*note, it was previously called the "controller"

Lucia N°03 Light Guide Certification

From holding space for the Lucia N°03, selecting the appropriate sessions, learning how to handle different situations that may arise,  a includes a template for an informed consent form and so much more, this training is essential for all Light Guides.



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